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DIY Bridal Resources



And this is all there is to it, right? Wrong.

So whether you hire a planner or you’re going to DIY,

we have created a toolkit full of goodies and advice to help

budget and plan your wedding.

What’s included for FREE?

GUEST LIST: Keep track of your guests—probably one of the most important things you’ll do.

VENDOR CONTACT LIST: When you give this list to someone else, that person needs to know your vendor details.

IMPORTANT PEOPLE CONTACT: You’ll want your family’s and wedding party’s contact information all in one place. This also lets you file away their travel information, which will prove helpful.

PACKING LIST: Half of managing a wedding is hauling all the stuff to the venue and getting it home again. Here we give you a sample pack list. Fill it out, print it out, and have someone check off each item loaded into a car on the way to the venue and on the way home.

WEDDING WEEKEND SPREADSHEET: Most modern weddings stretch out for a day or two, at least for the couple and their families or wedding party. You’ll need plans for that whole period, and this spreadsheet will help you do it.

DAY OF TIMELINE (DIY, MORNING): This is the “most important planning sheet” you’ll have: There are two versions of the spreadsheet for you to modify to your heart’s content. This one is for a morning wedding with more DIY elements.

DAY OF TIMELINE (FORMAL, EVENING): This is the second version of the “most important planning spreadsheet” for an evening wedding, inclusive of more vendors.

BUDGET AND EXPENSE SPREADSHEET:  This one is a little more complex. but it will help you stay on track with the “spending” as well as who is doing the spending.


Clicking on the icons below will open Google Drive spreadsheets in a new tab. From there, click on file and then 

 download it to your desktop, which will be editable in excel as per your requirements.




DIY Wedding Planning and Budget Workbook

Spreadsheets | A Practical Wedding


Looking for a particular spreadsheet?  Download them individually. 

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